Muslim Student Association of the University of Nairobi (MSAUN)

Muslim Student Association of the University of Nairobi (MSAUN) is an association that brings together all Muslim students in the 10 chapters of The University of Nairobi.


MSAUN was founded on the 2nd April 1981 in the spirit of unifying Muslim students in The University towards the course of Allah
The society’s motto is the Quranic verse:
“Hold fast to the covenant of Allah and do not be disunited”
[Al-Imran 103]


To be the media through which Muslim Students participate actively in the propagating Islam by fostering co-operation, unity and development of the Muslim Ummah, guided by the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah.


  • To reaffirm and uphold faith in the fundamental teaching of the Holy Qur’an and to promote better understanding of the teaching of Islam found therein.
  • To play an active and collective role by and through whatever means deemed appropriate for the interest and general welfare of the Muslims within and without the University.
  • To establish friendly relations and with foster mutual understanding between MSAUN and other bodies.
  • To plan, establish, and maintain fund generating projects which are compatible with Islamic teaching as source of income for the organization.
  • To do any other activities connected with or incidental to the above mentioned objectives.
  • MSAUN shall be non-political.

• Our basic and fundamental goal is to unite the Muslim Population of the University of Nairobi and provide the best Islamic and academic environment.