Vision, Mission & Core Values



An internationally recognized centre committed to scholarly and professional excellence in healthcare


To provide quality medical education and training through creation, preservation, integration, transmission and utilization of health knowledge 

Core Values 

To realize the stated vision and mission, the Faculty aspires to nurture values that are vital to its mandate.  The Faculty is thus guided by the right values derived from moral standards required of healthcare professionals, which is in line with those of the Kenyan society.  In respect to this, the core values of the Faculty are:

  • Freedom of thought and expression: The Faculty shall promote and defend freedom of thought and expression in academic inquiry and activities. 
  • Integrity: In its interactions, the Faculty shall be guided by the virtues of truth, honesty, tolerance and accountability. 
  • Professionalism and ethics: The Faculty shall nurture responsible professionalism, promote mentorship, maintain ethical behaviour and etiquette. 
  • Leadership: The Faculty shall provide leadership in setting the national and international health agenda.
  • Research culture: The Faculty shall initiate and sustain relevant, creative, innovative and inventive research and ethical for the benefit of mankind.
  • Meritocracy and team-work: The Faculty shall promote meritocracy and foster a work environment characterized by team spirit and teamwork.
  • Corporate governance and social responsibility: Good corporate governance, sensitivity to needs of the society and respect for human rights shall be the hallmark of the Faculty. 
  • Respect for and conservation of the environment: The Faculty promotes protection of the environment.


  • To train high caliber health-care professionals
  • To Offer health-related services to the community
  • To conduct research
  • To offer consultancy services
  • To participate in health policy formulation


Ensuring Health Care in Safe Hands

Quality objectives

  • To Review and implement programmes in compliance with the set Policy and regulations.
  • To offer services to customers in compliance with the service delivery charter.
  • To ensure utilization of resources in compliance with the budgetary levels.
  • To support the University increase the employee satisfaction index by 1% annually.
  • To support the University increase the customer satisfaction index by 1% annually.
  • To increase number of publications in referred journals by at least 130 annually.
  • To support the University be among the top 5 in Africa and top 500 in the international ranking of colleges and Universities by 2018.
  • To enter and operationalize at least three MoU’s with collaborators and 2 partnerships with industry every year.
  • To grow Research grants and Non-academic revenue by 10% annually.
  • To promote environmental sustainability by annually engaging in at least one relevant activity.