Nairobi University Pharmacy Students Association (NUPSA)

Nairobi University Pharmacy Students Association (NUPSA) is a non-profit, non-political, professional organization for pharmacy students in the University of Nairobi. It aims at promoting improved public health through provision of public education, a range of publications and professional initiatives.

It tracks its wealthy history from the founding chairman Professor Isaac Kibwage who formed it in 1977 and chaired between 1977-1979.

We organize various activities for pharmacy students including:

  • Orientation of all incoming first years to acquaint them with the pharmacy profession
  • Liaising with pharmaceutical companies ,Alumni and other corporate bodies to solicit for funds to sponsor various NUPSA activities
  • Organization of a pharmacy career day where we invite various professional pharmacists in different specialties  to give presentations to our pharmacy students
  • Organization of a finalists professional induction ceremony to introduce pharmacy finalists to their potential employers
  • Augmenting class work with basic health related skills such as planning basic life support training to pharmacy students