FHS inaugural cultural week

February 12, 6:00 am

The Faculty of Health Sciences Inaugural Cultural Week will be held from 12th to 17th February, 2024. The event is to meant to celebrate and appreciate the diverse cultures within our community through creative expressions of art. Additionally, it aims at fostering a sense of unity among students and promote cultural awareness.

Monday - Launch of FHS Art Gallery.

Tuesday: Student led online cultural workshop.

Wednesday: Vendoring booth

Thursday: We change gears a bit. It's going to be all about the role culture plays in medicine. We shall have a physical cultural seminar with a great line up of speakers.
Dr. Jackie Chesang (PhD) is a lecturer at the department of public health and a scholar. She has a keen interest in advocacy against harmful cultural practices and tomorrow she'll be giving a talk on some intersections between culture and medicine.

Dr. Michael Magoha is a Neurological Surgeon and a Lecturer. He'll be giving an interesting talk on the history of medicine.

Dr. Reign Mwendwa is a Consultant Paediatrician and a Music Artist. We shall have the privilege of being among the first people to listen to his newest album.
Join us on Thursday at LT3, 5pm.

Friday: Trip to Turi a Mumbi cultural arts centre in Tigoni

Saturday: Pageant