Admission patterns of orthopedic and trauma patients in Kenyatta National Hospital; A Descriptive study

Scholars conducted a study to determine the admission patterns of orthopedic and trauma patients at the Kenyatta National Hospital. The study included reviewing 109 patient charts to determine the cause of admission.

The study revealed that a majority of patients admitted with trauma and orthopedic injuries were of middle age between 25 and 64 years. The average age was 33.8 years. More men than women were admitted for the same.

 It was noted that a higher proportion of admissions were through A&E and this is in tandem with the finding that about three-fourth of the orthopaedic and trauma admissions were emergency. However, a higher proportion of females were admitted through a private wing of KNH and these tended to be older women above 65 years of age with fragility fractures and musculoskeletal degenerative disorders.

The causes of the injuries included road accidents and falls during work and domestic chores done by the patients.

More findings of the study can be found here

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