AMSUN election rules and regulations

The Association of Medical Students University of Nairobi (AMSUN) is set to hold elections to elect new leaders.

AMSUN has set up the rules and regulations that will govern the elections that will be held at a date that will be announced soon.

Below are the rules:

  1. Registration and nominations
    1. Only members fluent in English and Kiswahili shall be eligible for elections.
    2. Only members without prior criminal cases and those of good academic standing shall be eligible to vie for an elective position.
    3. An individual can hold office for a maximum of only two terms whether in the same capacity or in different capacities whether the two terms occur concurrently or not.
    4. Elections shall be conducted by the Electoral Committee under the supervision of the association’s patron.
    5. Elections shall be conducted annually on the date arrived upon by the Electoral Committee within the first 21 days after the end of the sitting committee's year of tenure. The sitting committee shall be effectively in office until election results are announced, when the new committee shall take over.
    6. Voting shall be based on Universal suffrage and on a One Man-One Vote basis.
    7. Elections shall be by secret ballot and one shall be declared a winner upon attainment of a simple majority of the votes.
    8. Whenever there is a tie in any post, the Electoral Committee members shall vote on a One Man – One Vote basis to break the tie.
    9. The elections shall be guided by an Electoral Committee appointed by the out-going executive committee.
    10. The results of the election shall be announced on the Election Day by the Chairperson of the Electoral Committee upon completion of vote counting. The chairperson of the Electoral Committee shall announce the winners and declare the winners the official office holders as of the moment of declaration.
    11.  Eligibility for the various offices shall be as follows: -
      1. The Chairperson: Shall be a Level 6 Medical Student
      1. Vice Chairperson: Shall be a student in the clinical years
      2. Pre-clinical representative: Shall be a Level 1 or 2 Medical Student i.e., preclinical years
      3. Treasurer: Open to all
      4. Secretary General: Shall be a medical student in the clinical years.
      5. Organizing Secretary: Open to all
      6. External Affairs’ Secretary: Open to all
      7. Editor: Open to all
      8. Publicity Secretary: Open to all · Sports and Entertainment secretary: Open to all.
  1. Campaign practices
    1. No candidate or their supporters shall be involved in election malpractices including but not limited to:
      1. bribery and buying of votes,
      1. intimidation, use of vulgar language and threats on social and campaign platforms
      2. violence and threat of violence,
      3. electorate manipulation,
      4. tampering with election registers
  1. Election period
    1. All elections shall be held on a date and time advised by the Elections Committee
    2. Where necessary, the Elections Committee may take a decision to allow for change of dates in the elections program
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