Dr. Opanga scoops Jones K. Jones award in Canada

Dr. Sylvia Opanga scoops Jones K. Jones award in Canada.

Dr. Sylvia Opanga was awarded the Judith K. Jones award for impact on public health through phamacoepidemiology.

The award was in recognition for her demonstrable impact on public health through work in pharmacoepidemiology.

The award was presented to Dr. Opanga during the 39th International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management in Canada.

Dr. Opanga was thrilled to receive the award saying it was God’s doing.

“Every year, during the ICPE conference, I always looked forward to the award ceremony. I'd admire how the best of the best globally would step onto that podium and pick up their awards. I'd silently ask myself, could this happen to me? Seeing as the society has the best of the best from the best institutions in the world...Harvard University, Oxford University, the US FDA, the EMA, pharma industry giants, the best researchers in the world (how could a Kenyan from the University of Nairobi compete?)

“Then the Holy Spirit would speak to me. And tell me that it is coming. When the Lord does it, only glory will go to Him. I trusted God. Then worked hard. And here we are now. I celebrate the Lord God Almighty, the protocol breaker. He who opens doors that no man can close,” elated Dr. Opanga said.