FHS scientists dominate Alper-Doger Scientific Index 2022 rankings

Prof. Walter Jaoko, KAVI Director (L) and Prof. Omu Anzala, senior scientist at KAVI.

Scientists from the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) have dominated the list of best scientists according to the latest Alper-Doger (AD) Scientific Index 2022 rankings.

Among the scientists who appeared in the top 100 list are the late Prof. Elizabeth Ngugi, Prof. Walter Jaoko, Prof. Ruth Nduati, Dr. Manasi Kumar,ย  Prof. Omu Anzala, and David Ndetei.

Others are Dr. Elizabeth Maleche Obimbo, Prof. Grace Irimu, Prof. Zahida Qureshi, Prof. Peter Gichangi, Prof. Dalton Wamalwa, Prof. Fred Were, Prof. Julius Alexander Ogeng'o, Prof. Julius Oyugi , the late Prof. Hassan Saidi, Prof. Anastasia Guantai, Dr. Stephen Gichuhi, Prof. Aggrey Wasunna, Prof. Godfrey Lule, Prof. SM Bhatt, and Prof. CF Otieno.

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