Integrating cervical cancer screening into family planning clinics

Integration of cervical cancer screening in family planning clinics has allowed for more reproductive-aged women to be screened according to scholars.

The study conducted in the coastal Mombasa, Kenya revealed that the presence of screening facilities in family planning clinics has enabled the health workers to reach many women aged 15 to 49 years.

In the facilities sampled, there was at least one trained personnel to handle cervical cancer screening for the patients at the clinic.

Cervical cancer has recorded high mortality rates in Kenya.  Many of the cases go undiagnosed or are diagnosed too late on its development stages. The availability of the cancer screening facility in these clinics is convenient and easier for the women to get both family planning services and screening done. Regular cervical cancer screening helps detect the cancer at an early and treatable stage.

Integration of cervical cancer screening into FP clinics offers great potential to reach large numbers of reproductive-aged women. Increasing training of healthcare providers and ensuring adequate commodity supplies in family planning clinics offer concrete solutions to increase screening in a largely unscreened population.

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