Selected Biochemical Values of Suitable Blood Donors at Kenyatta National Hospital

It is common that assessing the biochemical values of blood helps in identifying the functional disorders of different body systems and organs such as liver, kidneys and many more. However, in this review, assessing the biochemical values were deemed significant in determining reliable blood donors at Kenyatta National Hospital. The evaluation was gender-based and the findings showed a gender difference of biochemical values in both male and female. From the review, the biochemical values examined the creatinine levels in the kidney and Aminotransferases levels of the liver of both female and males aged 0 to above 60. The assessment deduced that female have low median values in creatinine and Aminotransferases levels than male. The difference
is linked to the sex hormones. The research is critical in presenting referenced intervals for regularly assessed biochemical values that can be applied for research and analysis in various studies.
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