Annual CHS cultural show 2019

UNSA Mr and Miss CHS 2019 theme.

The Mr and Miss College of Health Sciences (CHS) is an endeavor aimed at the restoration and redefinition of mental health.

Unlike most pageants, outward appearance is only a small focus of for the judges. Other qualities like character, talent and community service are given a more emphasis.

The event will be held with a view of bringing together CHS students the main objective being to promote unity and cohesion, sharing of ideas and enhancing a sense of belonging. Little is known about the student perspectives on the stressors in university environments and the steps universities can take to better support studentsโ€™ wellbeing.

The process of acting on studentsโ€™ suggestions fosters their sense on inclusion and empowerment and this is critical given that the goal of improving student mental wellbeing can only be achieved through an effective partnership between students and institutional actors.

It is a platform through which companies, organizations and students get to interact and network with each other and share opinions on the various successes and challenges of the profession.

It is an event that highlights and acknowledges the efforts of various stakeholders to put CHS in the lead.

The Mr and Miss CHS event will be held on 13th December, 2019 at Sagret Hotel.