CHS launches campaign to support doctors during COVID-19 pandemic

Launch of save a doctor save a life campaign by Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha.

The University of Nairobi (UoN) College of Health Sciences (CHS) has launched a funds drive to assist doctors during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

The campaign dubbed Save a Doctor Save a Life is aimed at supporting trainee doctors get through their training during this time of COVID-19 and ensure that doctors get Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as they lead in the fight against the pandemic.

The campaign is an initiative of CHS and KNH COVID-19 Pandemic Research Committee, chaired by Prof. Joyce Olenja, Director School of Public Health.

The event was launched on 28th August, 2020 at Radison Blue Hotel Arboretum, Nairobi and graced by Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha.

The event’s coordinator Prof. Peter Mungai called on all Kenyans to support the initiative. He said doctors live in this society and are as vulnerable as the patients they take care of, so they must be protected in the best way possible.

“The whole country must put the best foot forward and make sure we don’t lose them and their efforts to save this country,” Prof. Mungai said.

According to Dr. Michael Magoha, there is an urgent need to support the doctors because young doctors under the age of 60 have been on the frontline ever since the first case of COVID was reported in Kenya and they have had to suffer while trying to get PPE for themselves.

CHS Principal Prof. James Machoki said resources to support everyone from the Ministry of Health are inadequate hence the need to come out with the initiative.

“This initiative is the first step towards self-sustainability as a college,” Prof. Machoki said.

On the numbers, Prof. Machoki said more than 5000 trainee doctors need PPE based on the fact that CHS produces the biggest number of healthcare providers in Kenya.

UoN Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama said CHS has a central role of training majority of human resource for health for Kenya and Africa.

In a speech read on his behalf by Prof. Enos Njeru, acting Deputy Vice Chancellor Human Resource and Administration, Prof. Kiama noted that the College is engaged in cutting edge research and houses some of the best research institutes in the country and the region.

“Given the premier position of the University of Nairobi CHS is the natural feet for spearheading the fight against COVID. We also acknowledge that in playing this role the protection of students and young doctors and lecturers and other Kenyans is paramount therefore initiatives that further the course of protection for our community especially students, young doctors and their lecturers are the most sought after and welcome. It is such initiatives that demonstrate the resilience of our university,” Prof. Kiama said.

Education CS who graced the occasion said the number of doctors in Kenya is deplorable because we are still a developing nation and so to hold finalists who will give the country another 500 or 600 doctors is a shameful thing.

 “As we are looking at our medical doctors and students, we are not saying they are special people but their job is indeed extremely special,” Prof. Magoha said.

He urged the organizers of the funds drive to ensure that the money collected is used for the right purpose.

The event is spearheaded by Miss Ruth Mueni with the support of Betty Kyallo, who are both media personalities.

Below are donation details:

Paybill: 8013537

Account Number: CHS

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