Covid-19 Vaccine Acceptability among Healthcare Workers in Kenya

A nurse administers a COVID-19 jab to a staff at the University of Nairobi Health Services.

Safety concerns, need for more information, fear of side effects, lack of trust in the government or the vaccine, short duration that vaccine development has taken and concerns on efficacy are the attributes to COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among healthcare workers in Kenya.

According to an online survey conducted by researchers from the University of Nairobi, College of Health Sciences, there is need for deeper engagement through health facility platforms and professional associations to address specific fears and questions on the vaccine by the healthcare workers.

The research findings and recommendations have been published in a policy brief by Dr. Hafso Mohammed, Dr. Moses Masika, Prof. Julius Oyugi, University of Nairobi Institute of Tropical and Infectious Diseases & KAVI-Institute of Clinical Research, University of Nairobi.

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