The 5th edition of the AMSUN gazette is out

The AMSUN gazette is a monthly publication by the University of Nairobi School of Medicine that highlights various articles written by medical students under the Association of Medical Students of the University of Nairobi (AMSUN).

You will find research work, medical innovations, exciting personal stories, literary reviews, opinion pieces, sports and fitness articles, poems and a huge variety of other works of art that are guaranteed to leave you fully entertained.

There is more to medical school than studying and the Gazette is perfect proof that medical students are very creative and can write tremendously well!!! The 5th edition of the AMSUN gazette is out now and features some amazing articles such as: the AMSUN Conference Report, Leave no Medic Behind Charity Run Report, Mal-practice, Time Me Gentlemen! (The history of surgery), The hilarious Tales of Uncle Jay, Movie recommendations from The Watcher on The Wall, Photography, Poetry, The Science of Fitness and so much more!!!

We applaud the work of the AMSUN Editor-In-Chief, Kimeu Winfred Mutuli (MBChB Level 6) and the wonderful AMSUN Editorial Committee for their impeccable work.

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