68th UoN graduation valedictorian from Faculty of Health Sciences

Collins Miheso, 68th UoN graduation valedictorian.

Miheso Collins Lemashon, a graduate from the Faculty of Health Sciences with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medicine and Surgery specializing in Human Anatomy was privileged to give the valedictorian speech during the 68th University of Nairobi graduation ceremony.

He had the highest aggregate score of 90.5 points which earned him a first class honors.

Miheso expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to represent the graduating class and to all who attended to celebrate with them. He was thankful to his teachers and mentors especially Prof. Moses Obimbo the head of Human Anatomy department under the Faculty of Health Sciences and other Msc and Bsc students for helping him through the course to its completion.

“This new family that I made has been an inspiration to be a better version of myself,” he said referring to the faculty fraternity and fellow students.

He was excited to finally complete his degree and get released into the world to practice medicine.

“At least now I have something to calm the mind of concerned villagers who had started complaining that I was taking too long in the university,” he commented with a smile.

He congratulated his fellow graduates for not giving up on their studies and getting to the final point which is graduation. He acknowledged that the journey was overwhelming but was grateful they all made it.

“Thank you for understanding that the only inheritance you could dedicate to me was this education.” Miheso told his parents.

He commended his friends who journeyed with him the initially shaky and unsure path towards the degree they had all finally attained. He congratulated them for their resilience through the tough journey to their success.

“We were all thirsty and wanted to drink from the fountain of knowledge from the very best in the country and in the region.” Miheso said.

While being excited to leave the university like most of his fellow graduates he was also aware of the sadness it brought them to part ways but he assured them that the education they had would equip them to journey into greater things.

 “As children of the community you are a reflection of all who stood behind us through the journey therefore we should not forget to give back.” He concluded.