Dental Sciences

Department of Dental Sciences

The Department of Dental Sciences is the largest training institution for Dentists and dental specialists in Eastern Africa. Our Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree course graduates on average 30-35 dentists annually, and about 10 Masters of Dental Surgery (MDS) graduates in the areas of Paediatrics Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Periodontology and Prosthodontics. Dentistry is a fast evolving discipline and the department is the current leader in training in implant dentistry through the MDS Periodontology and Prosthodontics courses.

Moving forward, the school will position itself to lead in both full time training by development of more diverse courses, and in continuing professional development. Application for self sponsored undergraduate students and all postgraduate coursed are now processed online (visit https://application

Due to high demand for quality dental services, the department operates, Dental plaza, a facility dedicated to full time dental services provision. The Dental Plaza is operational Monday – Saturday and accepts all major insurance covers for dental services.

The teaching clinics also serve many Kenyans of diverse walks in both the outpatient and inpatient facilities. We shall continue to provide quality service and strive to satisfy the needs of our students, patients and the general public.

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