Predictors of postnatal depression in Nairobi slums

A study was conducted by scholars on predicators of postnatal depression(PND) in slums in Nairobi, area Kenya.

The study was done in two maternal clinics attended by mothers from slum areas-Riruta and Lang’ata maternal and child health clinics. The study included postnatal mothers between the ages of 18 to 40 years a majority being between ages 18 to 24 years with new borns aged between six to ten weeks. The new mothers underwent a test to determine whether or not they suffered from PND and if they did how severe it was.

Of the women who undertook the procedure 27.1% were found to have postnatal depression. A higher number of women were not happy with their body appearance caused by the pregnancy. Many of these women also reported to have an unplanned pregnancy which affected them in a negative way. Fatigue was also a prevalent sign in most of them this was attributed to going back to work or lack of support from the home environment that pushed them to take care of themselves and the babies alone. Those who had experienced a past trauma tic experience had a higher chance at being diagnosed with PND than those who had not.

The risk factors mentioned can help build a more solid structure in ways of dealing with PND especially in low income setups like the slum areas.

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