2015 research reveals HIV related deaths in Nairobi


Findings from a HIV mortuary surveillance study that was carried out in 2015 and published in 2019 reveal HIV-related deaths in Nairobi.

The researchers from the University of Nairobi College of Health Sciences and other institutions sought to describe HIV among deaths using a novel mortuary-based approach in Nairobi.

The study was carried out on cadavers aged 15 years and older at both Kenyatta National Hospital and City mortuaries in the month of January and March, 2015.

Cause of death was obtained from medical records and death notification forms.

During the study cardiac blood was drawn and tested for HIV infection using the national HIV testing algorithm followed by viral load testing of HIV positive samples.

Results indicated that of 807 eligible cadavers, 610 had an HIV test result available.

It was noted that HIV prevalence was significantly higher among women than men according to the study.

The study also revealed that half of HIV-infected cadavers had no diagnosis before death, and an additional 22.2% were only diagnosed during hospitalization leading to death.

The research was carried out by Lilly M Nyagah, Peter W Young, Andrea A Kim, Joyce Wamicwe, Maureen Kimani, Wanjiru Waruiru, Emily Rogena, Johansen Oduor, Edwin Walong, Anthony Waruru, Julius Oyugi, Marie Downer, Kevin M De Cock, Martin Sirengo.

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