AMSUN hosts inaugural white coat ceremony for freshmen

Becoming a medical student is in itself a big feat. Not only is it the first of many steps towards becoming a doctor, but it is also the beginning of a journey of 6 years that is like no other.
For this reason, the Association of Medical Students at the University of Nairobi (AMSUN), decided to usher in the new crop of medical students in the style and manner that this momentous occasion deserves.
That is with the first ever White Coat ceremony at the university.
The white Coat Ceremony is a ritual in many medical schools all over the world that normally marks the transition from preclinical to clinical sciences. This is especially for countries that have premedical courses before students pursue Medicine and Surgery.
The event that took place at Chandaria Center for Performing Arts, saw droves of students from different courses in the Faculty of Health Sciences, convene to be bestowed upon guidance they will need for this new journey.
Speakers included Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Julius Ogeng'o, who spoke to the students in his capacity as a member of the university administration as well as a doctor and lecturer.

Other guests and speakers included the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Professor George Osanjo, the Associate Dean Professor CF Otieno, the Chair of the Department of Human Anatomy and Physiology Professor Moses Obimbo, Dr. Victor Bargoria (Orthopaedic surgeon), Dr.Pamela Mandela from Department of Human Anatomy, Dr. Marybeth Maritim (Internal Medicine), Dr.Muiruri (KMPDC) and Dr. Marie Claire (KMA).
Many other continuing students also got the opportunity to speak to the young minds from their own experiences.
The Association was also able to showcase talents outside of the curriculum in the form of entertainment from its own students.
The icing on top of the cake was the cloaking of the white coat for the first years, which was done by all the doctors present, a truly remarkable moment. It was followed by taking of an oath, much similar to what is done at the very end of medical school.
While this was the first white coat Ceremony at the University of Nairobi, it will most certainly not be the last

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