Assessing the Attitude towards Nutrition Management Practices by Adult Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

An analysis performed by scholars from the University of Nairobi identified that adults who are patients with stage 5 chronic kidney disease have positive attitude to nutrition management but dismiss the essence of nutrition management exercises such as potassium reduction, the consumption of supplements, comprehending nutrition information, and fluid control despite their education and income status.

From the study, one can determine that the patients perceive the significance of nutrition
management yet are reluctant in practicing its aspects. Some of the nutrition management practices include assessing their day-day weight level, monitoring the type of food intake, observing dietary recommendations, and consumption of supplements that will give necessary nutrients to the body.

During the study, the respondents engaged in a closed ended questionnaire that gave a 77% findings on negative perception of exercising nutrition management elements while 23% recognized the significance of engaging in nutrition management activities.
Further findings of the study can be found here.

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