FHS Innovators shine at the Nairobi Innovation Week, 2024

The 8th edition of the Nairobi innovation week was held at university of Nairobi main campus. The three-day event saw innovators gather to showcase their creative innovations that are solving daily universal problems.

The Faculty of Health Sciences had a chance to make a presentation during the innovation week. The presentation themed “Revolutionizing healthcare through technological advancement and innovation” was presented by Mr. Jamaal Mohammed one of the cofounders of the Afya Innovation Lab.

The Nairobi Innovation Week culminated in an award ceremony for the best innovations on different categories. Amongst these was the CampoCare app, which won 9th place in the hackathon category. This innovation was brought to life by a group of 5th year Pharmacy students who sought to solve the issue of medical students keeping track of their own health through easy access to university health clinic services.

“I'm looking into EHR systems as part of my final year project and it came up in my research how neglected students are as end users in this space. They constitute an important health demographic and with university clinics being their primary care contact, it would be beneficial if we made the logistics of accessing health more efficient,” said Josiah Mbote, team lead CampoCare.

The CampoCare App is an application for university students to proactively manage their health through telemedicine consultations, prescription tracking and seamless access to university health clinic services.  

Congratulations to the CampoCare team! Click here to access photos of the event.

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