UoN medical students develop a digital solution for better healthcare

Victor Ireri (left) and Clarence Rugar (right), the brains behind Biodata health systems.

Two medical students from the University of Nairobi (UoN) Faculty of Health Sciences are the minds behind a health management information system developed to help healthcare practitioners become highly efficient at delivering quality care.

Victor Ireri, a 6th year medical student and the current Chairman of the Association of Medical Students University of Nairobi and his counterpart Clarence Rugar also a 6th year say EHS Biodata is a one-stop solution for a great clinical journey.

Studies have shown that the more time a clinician gets to spend with a patient, the more the chances of a positive patient outcome. Through digitization and automation, Biodata relieves the clinician from repetitive and mundane operational activities so that he or she can devote more time towards activities that entail actual caregiving for the patient, hence elevating the standard of care at the hospital.


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