On behalf of the Department of Pharmacy, University of Nairobi, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Pharmacy web site.

The Department is one of the 14 constituent departments of the Faculty of Health Sciences. The Department's strategic location within the national referral hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital, and in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, provides a favourable environment for residential and non-residential students training.

The Department is charged with the mandate of providing holistic training and producing high caliber Pharmaceutical health care personnel, conducting research and being at the forefront of Pharmaceutical health care delivery. The Department of Pharmacy is the pioneer pharmaceutical training institution in Kenya offering degree courses in pharmacy at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The student population comprises Kenyan nationals and foreign student constituting 3%. It has a large base of influential alumni. In this respect the department holds a special place nationally and regionally and inevitably its traditions and systems tremendously influence operations of the pharmaceutical education and practice.

The department has a well-established track record of academic excellence and complement of competent academic staff in all pharmaceuticals disciplines.  Critical expertise is available and full recognized and exploited in the provision of vital services to the public and private sector. This is realized through income generating activities, consultancies and community outreach services

In addition, the department is a key stakeholder and is effectively represented in institutional and national decision making fora and in formulation of policies that influence academic programmes, health policy and pharmaceutical care service delivery in public and private sectors. Expertise is available for highly specialized areas such as clinical trials, bioequivalence/bioavailability testing and cross-cutting research and innovation. Research and development with keen interest on natural products is entrenched. 

The department of Pharmacy is located at Kenyatta National Hospital. Pharmacy training in the University of Nairobi was established in 1995.

The history of the Department of Pharmacy can be traced back from 1974 when the Department of Pharmacy was created.  Whereas the clinical departments were situated within Kenyatta National Hospital, the pre-clinical departments were housed at the Chiromo campus.

Dr. Eric Guantai