Prof. Walter Jaoko

STUDY: Vaginal washing reduces probability of conception

A study conducted by scholars from the University of Nairobi has shown that women who are exposed
to vaginal washing have a lower chance of conceiving naturally compared to those who do not practice
vaginal washing especially around their fertility period of their cycle.
According to the study, women who practice vaginal washing with water only have a higher chance of getting pregnant compared to those who wash with water and soap.

UoN scientists join their African counterparts to find vaccines and medicine in the continent

Research scientists from the University of Nairobi have teamed up with their colleagues from other African countries to form the Sisulu Foundation for African and Pandemic Disease Response (The Sisulu Foundation).

Prof. Jaoko debunks COVID-19 vaccine myths

There are high hopes COVID-19 vaccines will help end the pandemic. However, there have been claims about these vaccines that have received mixed reactions from all quarters some advocating for the vaccines and others heavily criticizing the vaccines based on the manner in which the vaccines were hurriedly developed and approved raising safety and effectiveness concerns.